About Us


A Choir in Love with Gospel!!!!!!


The choir Gospel Joy has been created in 2002 by an association. It is made up of people of varied interests and talents who all share the same passion: singing.

The choir has been led by Sthéfane Valiamé, Willy Costille, Hans-Edouard Edmond, Jean-Daniel Ajinca, Pascal Horecka, and Lisa MBa.

Vocal Ranges/Repertoire

  • The Vocal Ranges

Gospel Joy is divided into 4 vocal ranges (sopranos, contraltos, tenors, basses). The choir is led by Pascal Horecka.

The Contraltos

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The Tenors and the BassesThe Sopranos



Our traditional Gospel repertoire is mostly in English. Over the years, we have expanded it to include songs in Creole or in African languages (for example, Zulu and Swahili).

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.